The competition

15148524023_7fdce7ca99_hInstagram has been the #1 competitor for tumblr.

Tumblr is a blogging social media site that allows users to create their own blog, or a series of blog posts. Tumblr’s platform allows bloggers to post photos as well as extensive text. While these may sound similar to Facebook and Instagram, Tumblr is a place where creatives can curate all of their thoughts, talents, and interests in one place. While there have been people who have become “Tumblr famous”, Tumblr doesn’t follow the “like culture” that has ultimately taken over Instagram. Instagram has been Tumblr’s biggest competitor. Just as Tumblr started to become mainstream around 2010-11, Instagram emerged and gave us a new place to share photos. Initially the designs behind each of the social media sites were completely different. While both involved images, Tumblr had a unique comment/sharing set up that Instagram did not offer. This helped Tumblr maintain its core audience for some time. As Instagram evolved they began to upgrade the interface, before we knew it we had comments, likes, the explore page, direct messages…. And all of us followed. While both social media platforms can have a “rabbit hole effect” that will lead you into endless topics and photos that you did not intentionally follow, Instagram has been able to prevail and maintain the crown when it comes to image based social media sites.


My honest opinion, Tumblr was too sophisticated for the masses. Any time there was a huge social topic that sparked arguments, you would be able to find a think peace that was intelligent and articulate. The only people who would originally see said post are those that chose to follow you. Tumblr doesn’t have an explore page in the sense Instagram does, so your content would only get shared by those who follow you. Many times these end up being like-minded communities of people who will not attack you for having different beliefs.  On Instagram, it Is very easy to come across a post that you may disagree with and it is completely normal to see someone spewing extremely hateful things towards the poster. This is what I think continues to keep the masses addicted to Instagram, the drama. It is entertaining to say the least and nowhere near as civilized as Tumblr was. Instagram granted users much more visibility which then turned it into one of, if not the biggest internet marketing tool. This is how they won.


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