The Audience


Target Audience


According to Business Insider, Tumblr has the youngest demographic of all of the social networks.The majority of Tumblr users are young people who fall into two different age ranges. Ages13-18 and ages  19-25. Statistics to support this are included below. In fact, about 50% of the users fall into this age range. To go into more detail, these users have been statistically noted women with low income. Because of Tumblr’s youthful demographic, this makes it a great tool for marketers because the 19-25 demographic is one that is typically harder to reach.  Marketing through Tumblr is also ideal because those who do use the app, are committed to it and because of the blogging nature of social media site, these users are much more engaged. Social media apps such as twitter or Instagram encourage quick posts and interactions (like twitters word count limit). Tumblr doesn’t have these restrictions which allows the users to be more expressive and more engaged.

tumblr chart

It was noted throughout a few articles that majority of the Tumblr users have low income. This made me want to delve a little deeper into the core Tumblr user.

Tumblr is “safe” place to be creative and expressive, young people who are experiencing growing pains and have desire to land careers in creative fields may feel like this is the perfect outlet that they need. They can get their feelings out onto “Paper” without having to face the harsh judgement of Instagram, or ridicule from family members on Facebook. They take more time to put their blog posts together in order to produce a quality product to get reblogs which can get them exposure. Exposure can then lead to an actual business opportunity. This logic speaks to Tumblr’s core demographic. Tumblr has maintained the reputation of being a space for young artists, social crusaders, and teens.

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