UI/UX/IA=The details


UI/UX/IA and its audience


. The layout of the Tumblr website is fairly simple. From the dashboard you have a few options to choose from. The homepage also acts as your dashboard, which is where you will see all of the posts that come from the blogs you are following. Next you have an explore page (to discover new blogs you may like, similar to Instagram). Next is the inbox where you receive and send messages. Next is the “account” button. Here you have the option check on your likes, followers, settings and seek help. You also can check on your posts and edit your blogs appearance. Lastly you have the “new post” button. From there you can post almost any sort of media that you like. You can post pictures, videos, quotes, audio, links, or chat.


The Tumblr interface is super simple, which is what caters to the younger demographic. In the internet age, majority of the younger users are not use to anything being complex. The internet offers us speed and ease, and makes the world as we know it much easier than what it was for our parents. We like everything to work that way. Tumblr’s interface is appropriate for its core demographic.


There are some aspects of Tumblr that are even more simple than its super competitor, Instagram.

Feedback from Tumblr Designers and Engineers


In an article published by ARSTechnica, Cesar Torres spoke with some of the designers and engineers behind the Tumblr app. They also speak to how simple the interface of the app is. Tumblr Creative Director, Peter Vidani has spoken to why he loves the app.


“When Tumblr came around, I was really attracted because the tools they gave me to create content were really simple, they were not intimidating at all,” Vidani said. “It didn’t ask for much. The tools to create my own website were also the most beautiful and simple I had ever seen.”


“The principles are, one, to be aware of everything you are asking the user to be aware of on the screen. Second, we keep the product (Tumblr) small and focused. We look to see if there are redundancies that can be taken out,” Vidani said.


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